MassGaming to Consider Sole Area C Casino Proposal

MassGaming to Consider Sole Area C Casino Proposal

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission discussed a handful of important dilemmas at a meeting held at boston’s john b. hynes veterans memorial convention center thursday.

Hawaii gambling regulator provided the nod to MGM Resorts Overseas’s demand to delay the opening of its $800-million casino resort in Springfield to 2018 september. The reason for here is the reconstruction associated with Interstate 91 viaduct, that is anticipated to be completed by 2018 august.

Commissioners have not been particularly thinking about the delay since the state would be to lose about $10 million in tax income for every single thirty days the casino does not operate. But, they admitted so it would not be best for the business enterprise, if MGM starts its resort at a time when key I-91 lanes are closed down as this will influence site visitors‘ first impressions in a negative method.

Another matter that has been talked about through the meeting was Brockton and its application for a $650-million huuuge bonus casino resort in Southeastern Massachusetts, or Region C as it is officially referred to thursday. In fact, the city has remained the sole contender for a casino permit in the area, after ny developer KG Urban dropped its bid for a gambling venue in New Bedford.

The Brockton proposal is backed and funded by Mass Gaming and Entertainment, affiliate of Chicago-based video gaming company Rush Street Gaming. In their very first statement that is of „MassGaming to Consider Sole Area C Casino Proposal“ weiterlesen

Massachusetts Casino Vote Defeated in East Boston and Palmer

Massachusetts Casino Vote Defeated in East Boston and Palmer

Voters defeated an East Boston casino bid, although the project could go up in still Revere. (Image source:

Casino opponents in East Boston were hoping for the triumph on Tuesday, and bracing themselves for what they thought was a loss that is likely. Rather, they quickly found away that they were facing a landslide but one in their favor.

Surprising Beat

Voters in East Boston rejected a proposed casino during the Suffolk Downs race track, ending exactly what had been a remarkably contentious battle over the gambling venue that is potential. In line with the unofficial results, 56 percent of East Boston voters arrived against the casino, with just 44 percent supporting it. That came as a surprise if perhaps not a shock that is total many of the casino’s biggest opponents.

‚we are completely elated and impressed by the noisy resounding ’no‘ the folks of East Boston offered to the casino developers,‘ stated Celeste Myers, co-chairwoman for No Eastie Casino. ‚I came into the day bracing myself and talking myself into being content by having a modest loss…I had no reason to expect that we would recognize a win, much less a win of this nature.‘

It’s possible that the point that is turning the race arrived when Suffolk Downs dropped Caesars Entertainment being a partner on the casino project following the Massachusetts Gaming Commission indicated concerns within the company’s involvem „Massachusetts Casino Vote Defeated in East Boston and Palmer“ weiterlesen

U.S. Virgin Islands Can Offer Online Gambling

U.S. Virgin Islands Can Offer Online Gambling

The U.S. Virgin Islands may soon be able to offer gaming that is online but many caveats abound. (Image supply:

Many Americans know the U.S. Virgin Islands for summer and beautiful beaches that they are able to see without being forced to get yourself a passport. But thanks to a recent ruling from the hawaiian islands‘ Attorney General, this vacation spot may soon become just as well-known as a home for on line gambling.

Attorney General Weighs In

V.I. Attorney General Vincent Frazer issued an impression to other Virgin Islands officials, stating that the 2001 V.I. legislation that allowed for Internet gambling companies to operate in the united states would not clash with any federal laws in america, and therefore the law could finally be used to permit the territory to host Web gambling companies. So far, the territory had held off on really permitting any online video gaming to go ahead, because of warnings issued from the government that is federal.

However, as is generally the case in these situations, things aren’t quite that clear cut. What the law states just allows for two companies to operate as ‚master providers‘ in the territory, shutting out any other potential operators. And at least one of those companies says they’ve lost most of their investors in the 12 years considering that the legislation has passed away, due to the uncertainty around whether they’d ever be in a position to provide „U.S. Virgin Islands Can Offer Online Gambling“ weiterlesen